7 Fat CowsBiblical Principles for Stock Market Investing

Learn How to Buy Stocks Using Simple Biblical Principles

That which hath been is that which will be, And that which hath been done is that which shall be done; And there is nothing new under the sun.
KING SOLOMON, Ecclesiastes

Analyse Companies

I will show you how to read company reports (10k's 10q's FROM 4, Proxy statements, etc) for elements that point to profitability and future gains.

Examine Management

You will learn how to seperate the wheat from the shaft, to identify management that are shareholder friendly in contrast to to those of an unscrupulous nature.

Evaluate Key Factors

You will get a good grasp of ratios and simple accounting calculations that gives a clear picture as to the health and prospects of the companies you follow.

Buy At A Bargain

You will learn to avoid expensive and risky stocks and instead to buy securities at a discount; to sell when others are buyiing and buy when others are selling.

I don't teach speculation. I don't teach day-trading. I will teach you how to analyse companies, examine management and buy stocks at a BARGAIN - to gather money little by little and to make it grow (Proverbs 13:11)

My Hope For You

With over 15 years of stock market experience and with an equal number of time spent in the Christian fold, I am here to confess my investment sins to you, and, as we take this stock market sojourn together, to impart the straight and narrow way to prudent investment, and to urge you to tend well the sheep at hand.

It is my hope, that as you move from strength to strength that you will vision the uncommon profits that can be generated, that you will grow in wisdom, that you will manifest inhuman patience and achieve an appreciable level of self control (a fruit of the Spirit), a matter of overriding importance in the field of stock market investing.

I will teach you how to buy stocks for 80 cents for every dollar of assets. I will show you how to become part owner of companies at the end of the seven lean cows cycle (season) to position your portfolio for a bountiful harvest in the years of seven fat cows.

Neal Nixon

The largest profits in the investment field go to those who are capable of correctly zigging when the financial community is zagging. - Philip A. Fisher

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